What type of gentleman are you?


Gentleman Socialiate

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s portrayal of the upper-class man-about-town Jay Gatsby. While Gatsby loves the aristocracy’s glitz and glamor, he also shows that it is not necessary to be born into the nobility to exemplify an ideal type of gentlemanly behavior. 

Gentleman Entrepreneur

P.T. Barnum was an optimistic businessman defined by his enormous ambition to succeed despite his humble beginnings. Sometimes you just have to do the song and dance show to get others to see things from your point of view.

Gentleman Thief

Like the great fictional character Arsène Lupin, people who live up to the Gentleman Thief archetype are simply very charming, very clever, and very committed to upholding social justice by unorthodox methods within the confines of their own chivalrous code of ethics. 

Gentleman Detective

Gentleman Detective archetype may have an approach to life that often puts them at odds with society., like Sherlock Holmes. But what this person lacks in social graces is often made up for by his intellectual brilliance. 

Gentleman Spy

Gentleman Spy archetype is undoubtedly James Bond. Bond is clever without showing off his intellectual accomplishments; he is brave without harping on his sense of courage; he is dutiful without making a big deal of his undying loyalty to his country.

Gentleman Adventurer

One of the best real-life examples of the Gentleman Adventurer is Theodore Roosevelt.  men who exemplify the Gentleman Adventurer archetype love challenges. 

Southern Gentleman 

The  Southern Gentleman archetype has always been a part of American culture. Perhaps best exemplified by the writings of author Mark Twain, this archetype is defined by a relaxed approach to the world, a quick and biting wit, and a stylish dress-sense. They will also be intellectually sharp without being a show-off.

British Gentleman 

Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham exemplifies good British manners and an egalitarian attitude. Despite his high social standing, Crawley is modest and loyal to the people around him. He does not abuse his position of power, and he is quick to resolve any disputes that occur around him. 

Gentleman’s Gentleman

Even the Earl of Grantham needs supportive allies in life. Like the trusty valet John Bates from “Downtown Abbey,” the person who embodies the Gentleman’s Gentleman archetype is always there to help out people in need and in return, others are there to help them out when they need it, too. 

Which Gentleman Archetype Are You?