Welcome to The Millennial Gentleman website. This is a men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine blog written for men born after 1980 who seek to live a wonderful life of gentlemanly elegance and adventure.

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My name is Carey and I was born in 1982. I have the privilege of remembering what the world was like before the internet, before super computers could fit in your pocket and before there was a culture war on masculinity. When I was still a small child my parents divorced, and I grew up on a small farm in Oregon owned by my grandparents. I was raised with the traditional values of my grandparents’ generation; those hard working people who endured the Great Depression and won World War II, defeating the real actual Nazis. My grandparents were part of the generation that built almost all of the infrastructure in the USA, things we often take for granted like the national and state highways, the power grids and the farms that feed our country.

The lessons I learned from my grandparents about how to live your life have served me well, allowing me to become a successful tech entrepreneur. I have generated nearly $2 million of wealth over the past ten years of my life. In so doing I have acquired valuable life experiences of my own, gaining some wisdom that I can now pass on.

I have been….

  • ….a soldier in the US Army, serving a deployment during OIF in Kuwait and Iraq.
  • ….a broke & homeless film school student, who eventually dropped out.
  • ….a video game journalist.
  • ….a successful YouTube channel creator, who purchased a home with income I earned from my channel.
  • ….the founder of a YouTube multi-channel network that generated tens of millions of views a month.
  • ….a Vice President at a Hollywood film studio that my network was acquired by.
  • ….a successful author of books and novels I self-published, some which are still on Amazon bestseller lists even years after I wrote them.

I am presently still an entrepreneur, operating several startup businesses. This blog is my most recent endeavor.

I used to have an apartment at 1600 Vine, a luxury hotspot for young celebrities in the heart of Hollywood, California. Now I travel around the US with my 33′ Airstream travel trailer, living life and dating beautiful women everywhere I go. I have a pretty exciting life of adventure meeting many great people.

Pool party at 1600 Vine in the heart of Hollywood, California
On a date at a trendy bar in Phoenix, Arizona
VIP Bottle Service at the Hollywood speakeasy No Vacancy with friends
At the Custom Hotel in Venice, California shortly before hosting a Zenither party for celebrities, new media influencers and other TV industry VIPs

I am not the wealthiest man in the world. But I know how to start with nothing and pull yourself up by your boot straps. It is this knowledge I have gained from those experiences that The Millennial Gentleman will pass on to readers of this blog seeking to achieve the same.

The culture war I mentioned earlier is the primary reason why I started this blog; let’s face it guys, there have been many tragic casualties to the Kafkaesque nightmare thought-police culture war against masculinity.

  • The Boy Scouts of America has been over-ran with helicopter parents who won’t let the boys even so much as have a pocket knife anymore, let alone develop any leadership skills by acting independently (which is the original purpose of the Boy Scouts, to cultivate leaders). The organization is also marred in child abuse scandals due to careless, often incompetent organizational leadership failing to honor their pledges to ‘do their best’ and practice what they preach. The lawsuits from the Boy Scouts scandals are bankrupting this once important institution in the social development of boys into men.
  • The Boy Scouts and other organizations catered to men, such as fraternal orders like the Freemasons, have hugely declined in participation; the fraternal orders’ membership losses primarily as a consequence of cable networks such as TLC and the History Channel spreading conspiracy theories and other misinformation about them. Church attendance is also down as agnosticism and atheism have risen in popularity. Personally I am an atheist however even I recognize that these social institutions provided young men a network of peers and encouraged them to be gentlemen. The fraternal orders cultivated positive qualities that encouraged men to be productive contributors to their local communities, and their decline has reduced the number of spaces in society for men.
  • After decades of culture war attacks on traditional social values these institutions have been largely replaced by social video games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends and Fortnite that are designed to reward some of the worst behavior of these boys while encouraging them to live insular, non-athletic and often lonely lives as underachievers. Playing video games as recreation is perfectly okay, but centering your entire life around them is not healthy. Tragically, the void left by the decline of the Boy Scouts, the Freemasons and similar groups under fire by culture warriors has been filled by corporations only interested in getting young men addicted to virtual worlds, occupying all of their free time that would in previous years be spent learning how to start their own businesses, participating in sports and cultivating dating skills. Millions of young men are now turning 21 and suddenly realizing they don’t have the qualities that most women find attractive due to a failure to have developed those qualities during their teenage years, as previous generations of men did, because so much time was spent by these men today playing video games that encouraged the wrong qualities.
  • Playboy has been taken over by third wave feminists who have transformed the brand into a parody of what it once was. As an example in 2018 they had Ezra Miller (best known for playing Credence Barebone in the Harry Potter universe Fantastic Beasts films) pose for nude photos in lingerie while claiming to be “non-binary” in gender. Shockingly, a magazine traditionally written for heterosexual men presented a bisexual man in lingerie as the centerfold model in a virtual signaling bid to appear trendy and appeal to a non-heterosexual male demographic; purportedly out of a desire by its then editorial staff to replace heterosexual men as readers of Playboy. Make no mistake here, I personally have nothing against homosexuality and you will not find any bigoted opinions about homosexuality in my blog. But there are other publications that cater to gay men and this is the point here; Playboy is supposed to be for heterosexual men, not gay men. Gay men typically have very different goals in relationships than heterosexual men do and a different standard by what “success” means in life, so trying to combine the two demographics in a single lifestyle magazine is a mistake. Heterosexuality and homosexuality simply are different lifestyles, and a lifestyle magazine must dedicate itself to promoting only one. Furthermore heterosexual men do not want to see gay porn and slipping gay porn into Playboy has driven many of its readers away who may never return to the brand while not actually bringing in any new readership to the magazine. The editors also chose a poor candidate to do this experiment with; this year Ezra Miller assaulted a female fan in a bar while intoxicated. This is completely inexcusable behavior for any man associated with the Playboy brand, which always historically preached respect and appreciation to women. Ezra Miller is the poster child for everything wrong with Playboy today and the kind of man it now endorses.
  • Tragically, the weakening of these institutions that encouraged traditional masculine values is not reducing the birth rate. Single motherhood and children raised in broken homes has dramatically risen as many men refuse to be fathers, as these men prefer instead to live their adult years in a lifestyle of extended (irresponsible) childhood. When these man-children accidentally impregnate a woman they refuse to dedicate themselves to the task of fatherhood, leaving their kids to fend for themselves to find other male role models. This perpetrates a cycle where many boys grow up without any positive male role models in their lives and few institutions exist to help them figure things out now that the Boy Scouts, Freemasons and other such groups that encouraged masculinity have become victims of the culture wars.
  • At the same time the cultural shift toward abandonment of fatherhood has escalated with the usage of apps and websites that encourage women to accept ‘sperm donations’ from strangers they meet over the internet with the expectation the child will be raised entirely by the mother with no further involvement from the dad. For many women desperate to have children this becomes their only means of doing so before they reach menopause. However this has and will continue to result in many girls growing up without positive male role models as well, resulting in these unfortunate girls developing psychological problems. Girls with absentee fathers often try to fill the void in their hearts with other equally neglectful men during their adult years. This results in these women engaging in unladylike behavior in a desperate attempt to finally obtain the fatherly love they didn’t have as a child. It rarely works out that way for these girls, often resulting in them becoming single mothers themselves as they select poor mates from within the ever declining pool of quality single men available in the dating market.
  • For those men who DO want marriage and fatherhood, they struggle to find a reliable source of information on how to attract the women they desire and gain a reliable mentor for other life advice they need. Most of what these men find on the internet is popular content that promotes ‘red pill’ pickup artist drivel that discourages fatherhood and promotes the idea of living like some kind of perpetual bachelor Peter Pan; — which is the opposite of being a gentleman and will inevitably lead to being a miserable old man dying in a nursing home surrounded by strangers, and with few people to remember you. While a young man sowing his wild oates is a normal phase for developing relationship skills and determining what type of woman will make the best lifetime partner for him, a man is expected to mature out of this phase after gaining those skills. The so-called ‘red pill’ lifestyle is a very selfish way of living and as a consequence can result in the men who adopt that lifestyle to be the last men of their bloodlines; which had survived for millennia until these men decided to be the one brat who tossed aside generations of family legacy — the hard work of their fore-fathers to pass down lessons, wisdom and collective achievements to future generations. The so-called ‘red pill’ men imagine themselves to be freed from the Matrix but they’ve actually just been honey potted into yet another life path that will inevitably lead to regret in their final decades of life. They will end up being as equally miserable as never-married childless men in nursing homes today are, their final years frustratingly immobile while strangers neglect them in “retirement homes” because some conniving distant relative or lawyer stole their lifetime accumulated assets with powers of attorney the elderly “red pilled” man signed while in a state of mental deterioration. A scam that is possible because he has no children or wife to advocate for his best interests after he suffers a stroke or two, and his friends are either dead or similarly mentally incapacitated. Any man who fails to build a family during his lifetime is destined to die the way that he lived; alone and unloved.

And that is where The Millennial Gentleman steps in. This digital magazine blog is going to be what Playboy should have been for our generation; a guide to success for your life as a heterosexual man. Many people have mistaken ideas about what the Playboy of yesteryear really was; it wasn’t just a magazine where you could see nude photographs of the most beautiful women in the world. The porn was just a hook to get men to read it. What Playboy actually was (and what its pages were predominantly devoted to before the radical third wave feminists seized control) is a men’s interest magazine that sought to cultivate young men into gentlemen.

Over and over, readers were told that mutual respect and dignity were crucial to mature, loving relationships. Both men and women were steered away from infidelity. Men were told that they needed to take responsibility for unplanned pregnancies. Women were told that their sexual needs were as important as their partners’.

Lynne Anderson, author of ‘I’ve spent years looking at what was actually in Playboy, and it wasn’t just objectification of women’ (source)

Playboy once provided advice on what to wear to certain functions, how to date well, career advice, vacation ideas and so much more. It covered important events in the world relevant to society. It preached racial equality earlier than most all other magazines of its type. Most importantly, it taught men to cultivate their brand image to be the kind of man that women desired and other men respected; a gentleman.

I believe Playboy was an important institution for masculinity in the United States, and some other areas of the world. Yet now it has been infiltrated by those who are the enemies of traditional ideas of masculinity, who hate the ideas Playboy once represented and promoted. They have sought to destroy its brand as a heterosexual men’s interest magazine and have succeeded.

Here is the thing however; anyone can build something. The current owners of Playboy and the other older men’s magazines don’t have exclusive control over the minds of every man in the world. We can make a new institution that picks up the mantle of Hugh Hefner’s original intentions for Playboy, which its current owners have so carelessly discarded, and make it relevant for heterosexual men of our generation. So let us revive it in the form of The Millennial Gentleman.

Let’s do it for the ghost of Hugh Hefner, and for ourselves.

The Millennial Gentleman will be an advocate for traditional masculinity; the cultural values that heterosexual women value and heterosexual men respect.

The Millennial Gentleman publication will encourage men to….

  • …dress better and to take pleasure in dressing, projecting an image of success that improves the mental condition of a man by increasing confidence and self-esteem.
  • ….participate in sports, fitness and other physical culture recreational activities that promote healthy living.
  • ….date with the intention of entering marriage and starting a family, fathering children who are raised well to obtain their own success in life and inherit their family legacies.
  • ….participate constructively in local communities and society at large, bettering both.
  • ….follow the cultural norms of etiquette and behave in a manner befitting a noble character, which engenders trust and consequently creates opportunities for life advancement that would otherwise be denied when behaving in more crude fashions.

All of these qualities are very instinctively attractive to the majority of women.

To encourage these qualities, articles will be written for the following interest categories that educate men on how to acquire them,

  • Etiquette
  • Relationships
  • Fatherhood
  • Wealth
  • Fashion
  • Health (and fitness)
  • Nice Rides
  • Living Spaces
  • Drinking Culture
  • Finer Foods
  • Luxury Products

The Millennial Gentleman will not be a so-called ‘inclusive space’ for those seeking other kinds of values. I’m not saying those other values are necessarily wrong and will never lead to any kind of success in life, but for many people following those other values won’t give them the life they really want to have, which many have unfortunately learned too late in life. So if you’re looking for those alternative values you can go read the next issue of Playboy or Esquire.

Here at The Millennial Gentleman, we’re all about elegance, sophistication, the rewards of hard work and a life well lived as gentlemen; as many of our forefathers successfully lived. It doesn’t matter what your ethnic background is, as every ethnic group has a pretty universal concept of what a respectable man should be.

So read my blog and come join our ranks. Follow my advice; someday soon you’ll be glad that you did.


Cheers, gentlemen.

Carey Martell is Editor in Chief for The Millennial Gentleman. A thirty something modern man who is politically independent, non-religious but a firm believer in ideals of chivalry and traditional family values. Carey lives his life as a vagabond digital nomad traveling and living life to the fullest while managing his businesses remotely with a laptop and internet hotspot connection.