Whether you’re planning to move out of your parents’ house for the first time, or going through a separation or divorce, at some point every man must learn to decorate his own living space. It is important that you make sure your new apartment, condo or house is properly accessorized so you are able to entertain guests and woo would-be girlfriends.

While all the rooms of your bachelor pad are important, the living room is the first room that makes the most impression on guests and is where you’ll likely spend the most amount of time. As such you should want to make it a great space for entertainment and relaxation. You can easily place lamps, bookshelves, couches, and other furniture in your living room to make it presentable, but choosing the right furniture can be overwhelmingly. This Millennial Gentleman guide is specifically to provide advice for how to decorate the living room of your bachelor pad.

Does your bachelor pad need a little more pizazz? A bachelor pad can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be. And just like any other home, you’ll want to have some essential living room items. Living room items for your bachelor pad are not only a great way to decorate but also great for making your bachelor pad feel like a home away from home. Add some personality and character to your living room with these fun pieces we suggest in this guide to great living room items for your bachelor pad.

Before we get into our suggestions for specific living room furniture and decorations for your bachelor pad, you might want to read one of our previously published guides. Our article for Bachelor Pad Ideas on a Budget is intended to provide an overview of helpful affordable suggestions for decorating all of the rooms of your bachelor pad. You might want to read this article if you haven’t already.

How to Decorate a Bachelor Pad Living Room

If you want to create a bachelor pad, you should keep in mind that decorating a living room can be challenging because it is the main focal point in any household. It is also probably the room with the most traffic, depending on how many people live in the home. As a bachelor pad it will probably be mainly yourself living alone, but you may frequently have guests stay over such as friends or dates. Your living room therefore needs to look elegant and sophisticated, but also needs to be practical for lots of use.

Whether you are living with family or newly single after a divorce, a bachelor pad living room needs to incorporate fun decorating ideas that are also inviting in order to be a home that not only you will enjoy, but others will want to visit you at.

Advice for Decorating a Small Living Room in a Bachelor Pad

As many single men live in lofts or converted garages, or even apartments, some of the living rooms can be small spaces. This is a common occurrence with housing for single men. While living in a small space can be a challenge, the popular saying, “Good things come in small packages” rings true here. If you manage to make your small space look larger and nicer, chances are you will have an extremely nice bachelor pad. While it is a myth that colors make a room look smaller, the secret to decorating a small space is to create a sense of space. Another important aspect of creating a small space look bigger is to make your furnishings visually lighter. This is extremely challenging because usually the furnishings that look smaller are the the heaviest. However, you can still decorate a small bachelor pad living room by following the advice of this article.

Rules to Follow for Decorating a Bachelor Pad Living Room

Decorating a bachelor pad living room is easy if you follow these rules.

  • First, it’s important that the items and colors are masculine. This is after all a bachelor pad; your living room should project masculine qualities and sense of style, as it will reflect you. This means you don’t want to use cheap plastic tables and chairs, such as patio furniture, because this comes across as being something childish and immature to guests. You want your dwelling to say to guests, “This is where a modern millennial man lives.” In the living room, you can accentuate the masculine look with furniture, accessories, and décor.
  • Secondly, living room décor is a great way for you to express your style and personality. It’s also a great way to let people know about your style so they can get inspired. Yet you should keep your bachelor pad decorated in an elegant manner, and that often means keeping your bachelor pad colors neutral. You may choose bold, dark colors for your color scheme. Greens, blues, grays and blacks are classic manly colors. When you choose these colors you must be careful to ensure that their intensity isn’t too overpowering.
  • Thirdly, create a visual hierarchy by placing your furniture in order from the largest to smallest. For deciding on the colors, it’s ideal to design around the color of your couch, which should be either a leather brown or black. This will make the process much easier.
  • Fourthly, decorating a man’s bachelor pad living room is different from decorating a bachelor pad’s master bedroom. This is because the rooms have different functions, a master bedroom is for sleeping and dressing, whereas the living room is for entertaining guests, relaxing and possibly doing some remote work. This means your furniture choices should be centered around these functions for the living room space.
  • Fifthly, there are three most important pieces of furniture that should be included in the living room of a bachelor pad: the couch, the chair and the dining table. Everything else is an accessory to enhance the look of these three items.
  • Finally, there are many ways to decorate a bachelor pad apartment, but the best way is to keep it simple. The key is to use furniture that fits with the rest of your living room décor and fit with your personal style.

Even if your bachelor pad may be small it can still have a lot of personality. You can add personality to your bachelor pad with unique interior design ideas like using artwork and photography to decorate the space.

Great Couches for a Bachelor Pad Living Room

A good couch for a bachelor pad should be one that is well built of good materials, ideally leather, and which will last a long time. This can make couches a very pricey item, but it is often worth the investment. Here are a few couch choices for different budget ranges.

Naturally your couch should also have a coffee table that sits before it. Here are some suggestions for good coffee tables that will fit different budgets and space sizes for your bachelor pad.

Great Chairs for a Bachelor Pad Living Room

You want comfortable chairs for your living room. If you want a recliner, it’s best to have a high quality one so that you enjoy the time you spend watching television, playing video games or working on your laptop.

Your chairs should also be stylish and match the other décor of your living room space, too. Here are my recommendations for great chairs for a bachelor pad living room.

Great Dining Tables for a Bachelor Pad Living Room

A dining table is important to have for entertaining guests. It’s pretty much impossible to host a good party at your bachelor pad if you lack a quality dining table. You might think at first you don’t need to host friends over, but if you enjoy socializing with other men it is useful to have space to invite friends over for a game of poker or something of that nature. A dining table can also serve as a work space as well as additional space for fixing or repairing items.

These are my suggestions for quality dining tables for a bachelor pad.

Great Floor Lamps for a Bachelor Pad Living Room

It’s important to have good ambient lighting for a bachelor pad. Here are some suggestions I recommend that will go well with these other furniture recommendations.

Great Shelves for a Bachelor Pad Living Room

I would suggest this rustic brown wood book shelving and its related matching corner table and storage cabinet furniture set pieces for your living room area.

Alternatively you might like this matching set of wood styled furniture such as the TV stand and bookcases.

Another excellent retro style TV stand that is ideal for a bachelor pad and would match the other suggestions is this model. It has a mid century design and is very elegant.

If you’re looking for some stylish wall mounted shelving that will match the rest of this décor, I recommend this rustic brown industrial piping styled shelving.

I hope these furniture recommendations for the living room of your bachelor pad have been helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions or comments.


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