Are you tired of constantly falling for e-girls and their seductive online presence? Do you find yourself sending them money, buying them virtual gifts, and generally doing anything they ask without getting anything in return? Well, my friend, it sounds like you may be a simp. But fear not, for there is hope for you yet. In this Millennial Gentleman article we will provide you some solid advice on how to stop being a simp for e-girls.

What is a Simp and Why a Man Should Not Be One

A simp is a slang term used to describe a man who is overly attentive and submissive to a woman, often in the hopes of winning her affection or approval. A simp is basically the opposite of a pimp, with the ‘S’ standing for ‘sucker’. Instead of a pimp who gets girls to make money for him, a simp is a dude who gives all his money to a girl and gets very little out of the relationship.

The term ‘simp’ is often used pejoratively and suggests that the man is acting in a foolish or desperate manner. Men do not want to be considered a simp because the term carries a negative connotation and implies a lack of strength or self-respect. Additionally, being a simp often means giving into a woman’s demands without receiving anything in return, making it an unbalanced and one-sided relationship.

What is an e-girl and Why You Should Not Simp for One

An e-girl is a term used to describe a young woman who presents herself as a “gamer girl” or “alternative girl” through social media, often on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch. E-girls are known for their distinctive fashion and makeup style, which often includes bright dyed hair, heavy eyeliner and oversized sweaters. They are also known for their online presence, which typically consists of a library of videos, photos and livestreams.

Your stereotypical e-girl is a gamer girl who wears attractive makeup and dresses her bedroom as a set with girly items. She feigns a friendly personality with the intention of luring men who long for female attention into a chat room so she can drive them to compete for her attention, often by showing slightly more attention to men that donate money to her.

A man should not be a simp to an e-girl because it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking they are real and that they have genuine feelings for them. E-girls are just internet personas and the person behind the screen may not be who they say they are. Being a simp to an e-girl can also imply that one is giving into their demands without receiving anything in return. It can also be a one-sided relationship and it is important to remember that one should not put all their time and effort into someone who is not real. Spending their time watching video streams of a woman who will never return their affections in any meaningful way distracts a man from activities that would better serve his own interests, such as working out, building a side hustle or developing his intellect — things that will better improve his chances of attracting and marrying a woman. Therefore men should avoid becoming a simp to an e-girl because it can be a frustrating and unproductive way to spend their time and energy.

Men were not built to live in tiny dark rooms staring at a computer screen of a person. It is not healthy for the human mind to limit yourself to this narrow existence.

How to Stop Being a Simp

Follow these simple steps to stop being a simp to an e-girl:

  1. Understand that many women value attention more than love: For numerous reasons many young women today have been socially conditioned to value attention from men more than committed romantic relationships, even that attention from men they do not necessarily wish to have any kind of intimidate relationship with. This is true for both straight women and for lesbians as well. Many young women decide their self-value based upon how much attention they can gain from men. Accepting this concept will not only improve your relationship with e-girls, but with all women in your life. Many men get themselves stuck in a never-ending cycle of simping because they do not understand that the more attention they give a woman the less inclined she will be to seek a relationship with him. Simply because you give a woman your attention, gifts, money or help does not mean they will be more inclined to return your romantic affections. In fact if you desire a romantic relationship with a woman the less attention you give her in the initial phases of the relationship, the more likely she is to work to garner your attention. A woman who desires a man will chase that man to get his attention. If a woman does not chase after you when you withdraw your attention from her is not a woman who is romantically interested in you.
  2. Realize that e-girls are actresses: They are online personas, and the person behind the screen is frequently not be who they say they are. Don’t fall for the pictures and videos they post, as they can easily be fabricated or staged. Furthermore the main goal of these women is to convince men to give them attention — primarily through money– to fund her lifestyle and frequently also the lifestyle of the person she is actually dating or married to.
  3. Don’t send them money or gifts. This is a surefire way to be taken advantage of, and it’s important to remember that you can’t buy love or affection, and as explained earlier, the more attention you give a girl the less attention she is inclined to give to you.
  4. Take time to focus on yourself. Instead of constantly thinking about e-girls, spend time on your hobbies, interests, and personal growth. You should take up weightlifting and work out at a gym if you do not already do so, and improve your physical appearance with better grooming and wardrobe choices. This self-improvement will enhance your own attractiveness which will increase the amount of attention you get from the kinds of women you wish to date. Remember, the more fulfilled you are as a person, the less likely you are to fall for the allure of e-girls.

In conclusion, being a simp for e-girls is a trap that’s easy to fall into, but with the right mindset and actions, it’s possible to break free. Remember to always put yourself first, respect yourself, and never send money or gifts. And always remember that e-girls are not real, so don’t fall for the trap.


Carey Martell is Editor in Chief for The Millennial Gentleman. A thirty something modern man who is politically independent, non-religious but a firm believer in ideals of chivalry and traditional family values. Carey lives his life as a vagabond digital nomad traveling and living life to the fullest while managing his businesses remotely with a laptop and internet hotspot connection.