If you’ve been watching the Millennial Gentleman YouTube channel then you’ve probably seen at least a few videos in my Dating App Profile Review series.

For those who claim I am being too ‘chauvinistic’ and ‘disrespectful’ so that they can justify dismissing my criticism of these women you should watch the video embedded below. There is great value in women and men listening to harsh criticism of a how a person presents themselves in their dating profile, because so many women (and even many men) have latched onto postmodern ideologies that cause them to become miserable for most of their lives, especially after they are post 40 and cannot attract the kind of people they once could. It is of critical important for young men and women to have realistic understanding of the dating market if they want to find the “love of their life”, which is not a product of magic or wishful thinking but a product of taking the correct necessary steps to attract a high quality mate into your life and then keep them happy in the relationship so they do not seek to replace you. This kind of value requires effort and if you do not understand what these efforts are you will never find the happiness you wish to obtain. Both men and women have to invest effort, and there is no way around it.

Throughout my videos I constantly re-iterate the same things, trying to stress to men that certain qualities indicate a woman will make a bad partner in the relationship to him. For female viewers of the content, I hope to get through to them that the populist ideology of third wave feminism is leading them to a lifetime of disappointment; at some point, they will reach their 40s and 50s, and the kind of men they wish to settle down with will now be unavailable to them. And these are the reasons why:

Youthfulness is the Most Important Quality Men Want in a Woman

Youthfulness is the most important quality men want in a woman. While dating apps allow young women in their 20s and early 30s to become overwhelmed with suitors without having to even leave their house, the same is also true for men: older men have access to younger, more beautiful women without having to leave our homes as well.

Younger women tend to date and marry older men because women predominantly are hypergamous; they are seeking to enhance their social status through romantic relationships. By contrast men tend to enhance their social status through their own achievements and to attract a younger woman to marry and procreate with. This behavior is deeply integrated into the human species; indeed, in evolutionary psychology hypergamy among women is considered to be an inherent sex difference as part of the process of natural selection amongst humans (source 1, source 2; but there are many examples from other equally well cited papers).

Likewise, men prefer women who are younger because as a woman ages her chance of producing healthy progeny dramatically decreases.

Now women who are subscribers to the irrational ideologies of third wave feminism believe their value should not be based on whether or not they have children and they instead wish to be valued by society the same way that men are. The problem with this is that the way men are valued in society is reflective of men’s biological role in the human species, which is specific to male biology. It is the role of men to provide genetic information to the progeny that is based on gene adaptations the male has obtained during his lifetime and inherited from his own parents. Women, generally speaking, do not pass on any gene mutations developed during their lifetimes to their offspring as women are born with their eggs, a product of their parents DNA. Women pass on gene mutations from their father via their eggs. What mutations women do pass on acquired during their lifetime is that of their immune system, specifically the antibodies of the mother which is passed on to her children.

So, women pass on one part of a chromosome pair via their eggs, which is a combination of their mother and father’s chromosomes. Men, on the other hand, pass on their chromosomes as well but as sperm is constantly produced throughout a man’s lifetime, he has great probability of passing on any mutations of gene expression he has gained during his lifetime. This is part of the reason why women have a strong preference for very muscular men and men by contrast generally do not care about how muscular women are when selecting a mate; it is men who need to subject our bodies to stressful situations and environments to acquire beneficial mutations, and muscle size (historically speaking) is directly related to the ‘trials by fire’ a man has subjected his body to. Our ancient ancestors did not have weight gyms or steroids; a man could only become very muscular by being a successful hunter who was able to consume a great deal of meat and obtain that meat by hunting. This activity built a powerful male body, and so women instinctively view men with powerful bodies as possessing valuable mutations to pass on to their offspring, in addition to having the strength to protect them during pregnancy (which is a very vulnerable period for a woman, especially millennia ago before the invention of modern medicine).

All of this is inherent to human instincts amongst us today; it cannot be changed just because you wish it to be changed. Our instincts were honed through millennia of behavior between our ancestors; behavior that started long before recorded human history and the invention of civilization. With few exceptions the vast majority of women will be attracted to muscular men forever and for always, as our ancestors behavior has dictated our instincts. Even lesbian women when seeking sperm donors overwhelmingly prefer tall, muscular and handsome looking men when choosing what type of donor they want. There is no way to change this behavior with any kind of ideology; it is what it is. This is ultimately why third wave feminism, intersexuality and other pseudo-scientific ideas are fundamentally flawed; they do not accurately reflect the realities of our species and how we operate at an instinctive level. Any world view that ignores human instinct, where it originated from and how it influences every human’s decision making is a fundamentally impractical ideology that will only lead people to reject their own leanings (which creates dysphoria) and become dissatisfied with the direction of their lives in old age once regret sets in.

Therefore, in modern relationships, men are valued based on their ability as providers of resources (shelter, food) and their physical health as determined by their athletic ability. Women are instead primarily valued by their youth (which is tied to less chance of birth defects in their progeny due to having higher quality eggs) and their willingness to be cooperative in a relationship with the male, specifically in the areas of ensuring their bodies are a suitable environment for incubating a child and then rearing that child while the man labors for work to provide resources (food and shelter historically, but now also things like education to the children and vacations for the family) for the family unit. While women can participate in obtaining resources, these are secondary concerns to her primary biological duties in the relationship which is to be a suitable host for incubating children and then taking care of those children.

This is also why women who are overweight are viewed as less desirable; being overweight is an unhealthy environment for incubating a child as it increases blood pressure and other unhealthy behaviors that go along with a sedentary lifestyle. The knowledge overweight women make unhealthy mothers is something instinctive to men as well and cannot be changed by ideology or perception — men will always be more attracted to healthier weight appropriate women than overweight women as this is ingrained into our biology. (Men will accept an overweight mate due to feelings of ‘love’ and such, but sometimes due to underlying psychological issues men will have a fetish for obese women that is ultimately very unhealthy and leads to feeder fetishes as seen on TV shows about extremely obese people. The vast majority of people do not have these kinds of psychological problems that lead to such unhealthy fetishes. It’s not good for someone to be with you only because he has a sexual fetish for an unhealthy lifestyle.).

Men also instinctively understand that women will take care of a child as well as she takes care of herself; if a mother is obese, the children will be obese as well, and develop the health problems related to obesity, too. Therefore high quality men generally shun overweight women as mates.

Women who view these realities as ‘unfair’ are rejecting truth. Their rejection only works until they hit the wall in their forties and fifties; women who fail to find a loving husband by this point are almost exclusively miserable, regardless of their political ideologies. They simply no longer gain men to come into their beds that they are attracted to and must ‘settle’ for low quality men they otherwise would never have considered, and whom they ultimately are not as attracted to. Their relationships are chaotic and stressful as they try to make a relationship with a low value man work, whom they are never truly happy with.

On this note, women should stop treating men as a fashion accessory to their wardrobe instead of as a partner in a relationship.

Due to a confusion of hypergamous behavior, many women view taller men as possessing higher social status. Many women justify their preference for tallness because “when I wear heels I want him to be taller”. The problem of course is that if you restrict yourself only to men who meet this height requirement you are eliminating quality men from your dating pool that would make good husbands and fathers; considering that most women wish to land a partner who earns six figures despite less than 10% of Americans make six figures annually, you are trying to go after a sliver of a sliver. Even worse, if a woman happens to be tall and insists only on marrying a man of equal height, she significantly harms her chances of dating; for example, in the USA only less than 15% of men are 6 feet or more in height. The average man is deemed as 5’8, but this of course an average created by contrasting the shortest and tallest men, and is therefore not a useful metric for your dating life.

Treating men as a fashion accessory is therefore counter-productive if your goal is to marry well. If you find a man who makes sufficient income to support a family and will be a good husband and father, only a foolish woman would pass him up for superficial qualities such as whether he is taller than you when you wear a fashion accessory that you don’t wear every day and likely will cease wearing much at all after your 40s.

As previously mentioned, older men can obtain younger women as natural selection drives women toward hypergamous behavior, and the most desirable men (with the most resources and social status) tend to be in their 30s and 40s, especially when looking at single men with athletic bodies and no previous children or failed marriages. Men with suitable income for supporting a modern family, with athletic bodies and who are not yet divorced or have children from a prior relationship, tend to be in their 30s and 40s. By contrast women who are young and childless (which is primarily what these high value men are seeking) are women in their early 20s.

Cooperation is the Second Most Important Quality Men Want in a Woman

When women reject their biological role in the human species they significantly reduce the pool of men that will consider them suitable for a wife. Even if a man procreates with a woman out of wedlock that is rejecting her role as a wife, he has an instinctive tendency to abandon her as a mate in search of another. This is one of the main reasons why so many single mothers exist; they were okay with being somebody’s mother, but due to confusion about their role stemming from post-modern feminist ideologies, they did not want to be somebody’s wife. Therefore they could not keep their man.

The reality is that women who do not control their biological impulses and allow their inherent hypergamous nature to run wild in their youth tend to become miserable in old age; they trade 20 years of attention during their twenties and thirties for 60 years of misery and regret once they are post-forty. They become unable to attract the caliber of men they once did, many women becoming what is referred to as an ‘alpha widow’; constantly longing to attract alpha men in the top percentile of attractiveness as they once did in their younger years but unable to do so because men can simply login to Tinder and find a dozen women younger and prettier than she is. Because she did not become a cooperative wife and rear healthy happy children for one of these ‘alphas’, he did not stay with her and moved on to another relationship because he was not emotionally invested into her to the degree he decided to be loyal only unto her.

Some women will dismiss what I am saying as “victim blaming” as they view themselves as victims of attractive men who have babies with them and then abandon them, but consider this; why is it that so many of your female ancestors were able to successfully keep their husbands and so many women today cannot? The answer is simply that third wave feminism and other postmodern ideas are counter-productive ideologies that make women uncooperative in the relationships and lead to them becoming abandoned. Or worse, it causes them to abandon men that make good mates to them because they are constantly chasing another man they think is more attractive or of higher social value, until they reach their 40s and suddenly discover they can no longer get those men to even consider a serious relationship with her anymore.

Cooperation is the most important quality for a woman after youthfulness. If you are not cooperative in the relationship with a man, a man will eventually abandon you. This is the biological reality of the human species as determined by natural selection and it is not going to change. Many women with boyfriends or husbands who repeat the same tired feminist talking points while in a relationship do not understand that once her youth is gone and her looks fade, the man will become less tolerant of her lack of cooperation in the relationship and if he can, will replace her with a younger version of herself even if the man has no interest in having more children, simply because this is how his instincts are driving him to behave, and most men will inevitably give in to those impulses if he is unhappy with the cooperation he is getting from his partner.

For high value men, there are younger women just a few clicks away. Women should accept the dating market is not actually in their favor — there are FAR more beautiful women in the dating pool than high quality men that make good husbands and fathers. In fact, high quality men are not restricted to women in their local geographic areas, as we can also date women hundreds or even thousands of miles away from us (since we can travel to them or have them travel to us). Many high quality American men are actually choosing foreign women as wives because many Western women have adopted radical ideologies that make them unsuitable for wives and mothers of their progeny.

Women who wish to marry and be happy in that marriage *must* use their youth to land a husband that will be faithful and committed to her, and form a strong bond of loyalty through the mutual act of raising a family. If women fail to do this they will inevitably become an ‘old maid’ longing for someone to come into their lives that will “just appreciate them” for who they are, never realizing men do not appreciate women for who they are; men appreciate women for what they provide to their lives. And simply being “cute” is not enough; there are thousands of women in a 100 mile radius around him who are ‘cute’. Most of them are not cooperative in a relationship with him, and that therein is the difference in what causes the relationships with him to work and others to fail.

If a woman does not signal she will make a good wife and mother to his kids, the vast majority of men will have no interest in her as anything but a playful tryst and a person to be replaced when a new woman who offers better value comes along. This means even women who get married, but don’t have children with their man, are at a high risk of divorce because eventually the man will trade her in for a younger model if she becomes too much of a hassle for him to deal with in the relationship due to her lack of cooperation to his needs.

So women, stop confusing hobbies with what makes for an important relationship. Hobbies are fun things to do in your free time. No man of any quality will marry you because you like the same TV shows and sports he does; he will only choose you and continue to be faithful to you because you add value to his life with your role as a mother to his progeny and a cooperative wife in the relationship to him.

Sanity is the Third Most Important Quality a Man Wants in a Woman

Sanity can also be considered ‘the least amount of baggage’. Basically, if you cover yourself from head to toe in tattoos, weird piercings and other body modifications, dye your hair weird unnatural colors that do not compliment your feminine charms , and other such things that detract from natural beauty instead of enhancing it, then you are signaling to men that you have serious psychological problems and are greatly confused on what men find to be attractive. Likewise if you have weird beliefs, such as believing in astrology, manifesting and other kinds of irrational nonsense, you will chase off high quality men who cannot trust you to make good decisions in the relationship. You will primarily only attract low quality men who don’t believe they can attract or deserve a better woman, and whose own psychological issues will eventually cause the collapse of the relationship, too.

There are of course some men who are attracted to women who look like criminals. These are almost exclusively low value men with their own share of psychological issues, many of whom are abusive. They generally are not the caliber of men that women wish to date if they think about the subject logically, and with the exception of some famous celebrities (celebrities are the exception because their value is based on luck more than anything; not every man, regardless of how attractive or his work ethic, can become a famous actor or musician, due to the nepotistic nature of the entertainment industry. A lot of celebrities are crazy drug addicts with severe mental illness, and whose success depends on their ability to lie well — which is ultimately what acting is), you will not find many men making six figures who want to marry women who look like a member of the Yakuza.

The rule of thumb has always been that a woman will take care of her children as well as she takes care of herself. So if a mother looks like some kind of monster from a Resident Evil game, she will probably raise the man’s children to look like that, too. Men who might have a fetish for women with tattoos and piercings generally do not want their own daughters to have tattoos and piercings, because they know how men such as themselves treat those women. One of the worst things a woman can do is confuse the attention she gains from low value men (who will not make good loyal husbands and fathers) with ‘success’. It will all fade in her 40s and 50s eventually, and she will be left with a scarred body that attracts only dirtbags into her life.

The biggest problem with tattoos is that art is incredibly subjective; by covering your arms and chests with tattoos, you significantly reduce the pool of men that will agree your artwork is attractive. You are restricting yourself to now only being able to marry a man who likes that type of art, which is a very narrow pool of men as art trends are constantly changing. Even more, most high quality men are men like myself who do not have any tattoos whatsoever and have no desire to marry a woman who has tattoos. Most people with tattoos are gaining them for superficial reasons, and often to mark some type of trauma in their life they struggle to deal with. Having a constant reminder of your trauma you literally wear as a badge on your body is not a symbol of a person who is dealing with that trauma in a healthy way. You mark yourself to many people as a low value person when you mark your body with tattoos.

Women should also understand that due to interference from the political agendas of various groups, in particular third and fourth wave feminist activists, the therapy industry has been hijacked by many women who have severe psychological problems and cannot attract the kinds of men they want to date and marry, either. If your therapist is a believer in third wave feminism you should run for the hills, because they will lead you to be as miserable as they themselves have become.

A man must be able to trust and count on a woman to continue to be cooperative in the relationship. If she is not sane then she cannot be trusted to remain cooperative, and he will look to replace her — especially as women who are not sane are frequently a danger to himself, the children and others.

Instead of covering your body with tattoos and piercings in an effort to create a façade of being ‘strong’, it is better to deal with any underlying psychological trauma and learn to move past it in a healthy and productive way. If you make your personal identity your status as a ‘trauma survivor’ or a ‘victim’, then you will fall into psychosis and behave in ways that are counter-productive to attracting the type of man you wish to have in life. Many of your female ancestors lived in a harsh wilderness environment with predators, parasites and constant warring tribes. Losing a child was commonplace, and even rape occurred more frequently than it should.

Our female ancestors were subject to far more terrifying situations than the majority of modern women have ever experienced; they had to overcome this trauma and still find a quality man to settle down with and raise a family with, to pass on accumulated wealth and lessons to the next generation so they could make stable societies. You must learn to do the same and move past your own trauma to focus on what is actually important. This is the reality of life. You do not always get to decide what happens to you but you do get to decide how you choose to respond to it.

Lastly, keep in mind that being too promiscuous is a highly negative quality for a woman. Regardless of the ‘girl power’ marketing that has become popular at present the chances of acquiring an STD greatly increase if a woman is very promiscuous. The number of women on dating sites with STDs is alarming, and promiscuous men are sleeping with these women and passing the diseases onto other women, too. In addition to this, women who are too promiscuous often find it difficult to emotionally bond to a man in a committed relationship and be content in that relationship, especially as she ages and her mate ages. Some ‘alpha widows’ are always comparing their present man to a previous man, wishing for the intense sex they once had earlier in life during their party girl phases, and it makes them frustrated in their marriages if their partner is not able to perform like a younger man as he ages. This is a toxic mindset that will only lead to a woman becoming extremely disappointed as few high quality men tolerate so-called ‘open relationships’, which is just a way for a woman to cheat on her man to obtain the sex he cannot provide her while he continues to otherwise perform the duties of a provider. Eventually a man grows some balls and dumps a woman like this and moves on to another woman who will be more content with him; ideally one who has not had a wild party girl phase where she slept with numerous men she will also constantly compare him to during their new relationship. For these reasons being promiscuous is largely negative for the long term happiness of a woman and will chase away high quality men.

I hope this article has been enlightening and is useful for women and men seeking to have a high quality life filled with adventure, excitement and most importantly, genuine love and loyalty from a mate, because they have transformed themselves into a person that adds genuine value to the relationship. The majority of women do not, and that is why they are on these dating apps for 40+ years and never finding happiness.


Carey Martell is Editor in Chief for The Millennial Gentleman. A thirty something modern man who is politically independent, non-religious but a firm believer in ideals of chivalry and traditional family values. Carey lives his life as a vagabond digital nomad traveling and living life to the fullest while managing his businesses remotely with a laptop and internet hotspot connection.