In my previous article, “Date a Cinderella not a Tinderella” I listed a variety of qualities that identify a woman as a Tinderella and why these qualities will make you as a man miserable trying to have a relationship with one. But this only helps you if you’ve already started dating one. So how do you avoid dating one in the first place?

There are clues that a Tinderella will give you in her dating profile. Let’s go over a few examples I have taken from my own Tinder profile that help illustrate how to recognize a Tinderella’s dating profile so you don’t waste any of your time on her.

Clue #1: Having an Overly Sexualized Dating Profile

The biggest clue that a woman is a Tinderella is that her profile is overly sexualized. While this can also indicate the woman is a prostitute, is there really any difference between a Tinderella and a prostitute? Not really. Both types of women engage in sexual relationships with men for financial gain and the Tinderella is just a’bit less obvious about it at first.

The reason that both types of women have over sexualized profiles is because many dudes are motivated to find the easiest and quickest lay they think they can find on dating sites. So a woman who presents herself as looking like an easy score will get a lot of attention and the Tinderella has her choice of weeding through the matches to find men she thinks will be the biggest score for her.

The Tinderella usually just has photos of herself that consist entirely of her showing her breasts and ass off, taken in either a bathroom or her bedroom. She usually has uploaded no photos of her doing anything in her daily life, which implies that she has nothing else going on in her life except hooking up with men on Tinder. Her profile will also mention sex in a very direct way, as she uses sex in place of having a real personality, or anything else interesting about her for that matter.

So Rule #1 is “If the girl is overly sexualizing herself in her dating profile she is either a prostitute or a Tinderella“. If you’re looking to seriously date, don’t bother with her.

Here are some examples of what I mean,

This is one of the more extreme examples of a very sexualized profile from a woman. She claims that she is “just here for giggles” and won’t message any replies back, but this is unlikely as she took the time to upload photos of herself, too. This is just a woman who is playing games and that is why she is a Tinderella.

Here is a more subtle example,

Her profile is contradictory but how it ends tells you what she wants. She claims she doesn’t want men to only be into her for sex but then she finishes the profile by fixating on a man’s skills in the bedroom. This is her true motivation, and what she said before was bullshit designed to deal with her mixed feelings about her Tinderella behavior. Ultimately she is a Tinderella though. She literally just had a baby a month ago and is already on Tinder trying to find her next baby daddy and a man to support her, and that may not necessarily be the same man performing both roles. Avoid her.

Also avoid women who blatantly post a sexualized image and then claim they don’t want “one night stands”. This kind of thing marks her as a Tinderella, too.

Clue #2: She Wants Your Money

Again this can imply prostitution but Tinderellas do this as well. Here is an example from a Tinderella.

For a comparison these two examples are what a prostitute’s dating profile looks like,

The main difference is that prostitutes try to get men out of the dating app as fast as possible, as they will be banned by apps like Tinder for openly soliciting. Yet there are some Tinderellas that do include their Instagrams, snapchats, etc in the profiles so be mindful of that but honestly, if any woman is basically openly saying she just wants someone to give her money then you should be avoiding her.

Here is a Tinderella on her way to becoming a prostitute,

Clue #3: Women with lists of demands on who they won’t date

As mentioned in my original article, Tinderellas are motivated to date for superficial reasons and consequently select men based on superficial qualities they believe will make other women envious of them. This will especially be the case if the Tinderella herself is not the most physically attractive woman, as the Tinderella is looking for a man other women will want as a means of improving her own self confidence. A man that she does not believe other women will want based on superficial qualities won’t work for this purpose, so she finds she cannot be “attracted” to him. This is also why Tinderellas can never settle down with men that make good husbands and fathers; those qualities do not even land on their radar in the first place.

Here is an obvious Tinderella,

An overweight woman who has previously been divorced and who refuses to date men who play videogames (which is almost 100% of the male population) and she also will not date “short men”. This is a Tinderella, fixated on superficial qualities despite that she is no longer in the prime of her life and has not been taking care of herself.

Here is another example,

Which brings us to……

Clue #4: Women who think they are more attractive than they actually are

Tinderellas have such fragile egos that they basically list their defects before they list their strengths. This is primarily by stating the obvious; that they are overweight. They state it quickly at the beginning of their profiles because they know this about themselves and are trying to act like it doesn’t bother them. They attempt this by declaring that they are cool with it, but if they were actually cool with being overweight they wouldn’t mention it at all by trying to downplay this strong negative quality (because being very obese implies a person does not take care of themselves and won’t take care of you or your kids, either).

Men who won’t date overweight women can see you are fat in your photos and do not need to be told. So this isn’t about being upfront or honest; she only includes it in her profile because she is trying to convince herself of the bullshit she is saying. What it actually does is tell a man who is paying attention that the woman is going to be a nightmare to date, as she will deny how she really feels about things and stay upset about them without doing anything to improve her situation. If anything she is prone to keep doing the same unhealthy behavior that makes her unhappy in the first place.

The prior screenshot is an example, but sometimes the woman doesn’t mention her obesity. Instead she claims to be “perfect” even though it is clear she is not. Here is an example,

A very obese woman who is in denial that anything is wrong with her lifestyle choices is a clear indicator that she is a Tinderella. Not only will she not make any effort to improve herself but she will always blame you for all the drama she creates in your life by refusing to acknowledge any of her personality flaws and making the effort to deal with them.

Now this woman could lose a lot of weight by simply dieting, but she is too focused on indulging to make the effort. This is how she will treat her relationship with you; she will indulge and consume everything she can about you, and then move on to find her next meal ticket when the relationship has ran its course as it is more important for her to feel “perfect” than for her to be sensible and realistic, and work on her flaws so she can actually be happier. Happiness takes effort and this woman is not willing to put effort into herself by just going without sugar for a few months. She consequently won’t put any effort into her relationship with you, either.

Clue #5: Women Who Ask To be “Saved”

Many Tinderellas try to manipulate the chivalrous nature of a man by feigning that they need to be “saved”, acting as if all their problems could be solved by just having a good man in their lives whom they would love forever for having “saved” them.

In reality they are just trying to hook in men who will be simps instead of dealing with their issues.

Ironically the women will often be contradictory, as they will claim in their profiles they know they aren’t perfect and need help but simultaneously will show why their lives have so many problems in the first place. Here is an example,

By the use of that ACAB acronym, the Tinderella tells us that she is part of the antifa movement or at least sympathetic to its causes. This is certainly part of the reason why her life is a mess; she has extremely poor judgement.

Clue #6: Women who treat their pets like children

Instead of settling down with a man and having children, she instead uses animals as a surrogate for her maternal instincts; an animal such as a dog or cat that will provide her with affection so long as she provides it with food, even if she beats it.

This is not a creature that can talk back to her, and which she is free to use like a toy. While having a pet is a normal part of human behavior, treating that pet as if it is a human child is an indicator of narcissistic qualities in addition to a woman who just is not interested in having actual children but needs an outlet for her maternal instincts. A woman who doesn’t want children is almost never interested in having a long term relationship, as she wants to keep her options open to find another man when the current relationship is no longer fulfilling her short term wants. While some women may claim they have health issues preventing them from having children this can sometimes be a lie she is telling the man in order to hide the truth of how she views relationships.

So, avoid women whose profiles read like this,

While at first impression you may think she is just trying to be funny and cute, the reality is that Tinderellas often try to mask their truth by framing their bad behavior as if it were cute. This woman is not being cute and is serious, as the numerous photos with her pets demonstrated to me. People can lie, but what people do in their actions shows their truth.

In fact you should just avoid dating any woman whose photos consist exclusively of her with her pets, especially if they are dressed in outfits and/or being pushed around in a baby carriage. These women need therapy, not boyfriends.

Also be on the lookout for women who are obsessed with horses. While there is nothing wrong with owning horses and riding them as a sport, some women make owning a horse their entire identity because they have a boring personality. Horses are an expensive pet to take care of in its own right but “horse girls” tend to waste large amounts of money on anything that has a horse on it while also revolving their entire life around riding horses. Unless you are also into horses and live on a ranch this woman will be very difficult to live with as she will never be happy.

Clue #7: Women who act outrageous to gain attention

There are women who attach themselves to the counter culture because they have nothing of substance going on in their lives, so in order to make themselves stand out and seem more interesting than they actually are they try to go against the tide. Here is an example,

Some men are not bothered by women who won’t shave their armpits, legs and so on; that’s fine. If you prefer your woman natural that is on you. But this woman also uses makeup, which isn’t natural beauty and that is contradictory to the entire premise behind this particular counter culture.

Additionally all of her photos involved her showing off her armpit hair, no matter the pose she was in. So it is very obvious the only reason she is not shaving her armpits is to bring attention to herself and not because of any supposed philosophical viewpoints she may claim to justify herself.

Engaging in one socially unacceptable behavior for the express purpose of drawing attention to herself indicates she will engage in other sensational behavior not deemed socially acceptable in order to bring more attention to herself. She will therefore be a nightmare in public and probably alienate you from your friends and family with her behavior. Avoid this kind of woman if you value your sanity because she will drive you crazy as she forces you into situations where you must constantly defend her poor decisions.

Clue #8: Women Who Express Any Anger or Even Violent Thoughts in Their Dating Profiles

With a dating profile you are trying to convince other people that you are worth dating. A normal, well adjusted person understands that means not dragging baggage from your past relationships with you and projecting them onto every person you meet.

The Tinderella, however, is not a well adjusted person. And they sometimes make profiles like this,

Let’s break this down.

  • Red Flag #1: She refers to her children as ‘crotch goblins’ in her dating profile. To her, it probably sounds cute but in actuality she has chosen a vulgar nickname for her kids to demonstrate her disdain and resentment toward them. Women give their kids names like ‘little monster‘ or ‘crotch goblin‘ when they harbor negative feelings toward their kids (often because the kids have behavior problems as a consequence of the unstable household her kids have grown up in) and are trying to mask their true feelings behind a negative nickname. Insulting your kids in her own dating profile demonstrates she is a bad mother.
  • Red Flag #2: The second quality about herself she lists is that she does drugs. This means that getting high and drunk is very important to her, as well as finding a man who will abuse drugs with her. This is especially indicative, since she mentioned the ‘twin flame’ soul mate nonsense in her profile — she is looking for someone to give her drugs, basically.
  • Red Flag #3: She wants to become a vanlifer. While van dwelling is fine for singles and childless couples, it’s completely irresponsible for a mother of two to become a van dweller. Children need a stable home environment; driving around the country smoking weed and getting drunk while everyone lives in a van is the opposite of a stable home environment for children.
  • Red Flag #4: She declares that if she feels ‘murder vibes‘ from you, she will kill you in your sleep. This indicates a few things; firstly, she is okay with making unwarranted threats to people she has just met, which implies she is comfortable with violence and is likely very physically abusive to her mates and her children. Secondly, as a drug abuser, to feel comfortable murdering someone because you imagine “murder vibes” implies she may very well kill you in your sleep for just about any reason she imagines.

It should go without saying that her physical appearance also betrays her mental dysfunction, too — weird hair dye and haircut, nose ring, and strange tattoos. Her physical appearance is warped because her personality is warped, and she has warped her appearance to match the personality.

Clue #9: Women Who Are Entitlement Princesses

This is the kind of woman who has a big list of criteria describing her “ideal man” and the kind she won’t “settle for less” on. The problem is that the woman herself usually has nothing to bring to the table for this kind of man she wants to attract.

Here is an example,

She is 44 years old woman looking for a tall, intelligent man who owns a yacht.

Why would a tall, intelligent, rich AND single man take a 44 year old woman on his yacht who herself is not wealthy enough to own a yacht?

Let me tell you who this entitlement princess is. This is a woman who during her twenties and thirties ran around with wealthy guys and became accustomed to their adventures. Now she is 44 years old and unmarried, and still thinks she can get the same kind of attention from an alpha male.

She cannot.

There is another term for the entitlement princess — the alpha widow. A woman who spent her early adult years dating very successful men who are also in the top 10 percentile of attractiveness of the dating pool, and now refuses to settle for anything less even as her own sexual market value has dropped significantly with her age.

Alpha widows / entitlement princesses are a waste of time to date. Nothing will ever be good enough for her, all you will do is waste your time. She is too focused on re-living her twenties to settle down.

Closing Thoughts

I hope by now you have a good idea of what a Tinderella is and how to avoid dating them in the first place. These are by no means the only examples I could give — I would say the vast majority of women I see on dating sites like Tinder are Tinderellas. These are just a handful of the examples. You should also be aware these are just the women who make it obvious they are one; many Tinderellas have learned to not be so direct about it until a few dates into the relationship after a man has invested time and money into her already.

For advice on what kind of woman you should date instead, read the article, Date a Cinderella not a Tinderella.


Carey Martell is Editor in Chief for The Millennial Gentleman. A thirty something modern man who is politically independent, non-religious but a firm believer in ideals of chivalry and traditional family values. Carey lives his life as a vagabond digital nomad traveling and living life to the fullest while managing his businesses remotely with a laptop and internet hotspot connection.