Handmade Lion Mens Cane Unique Walking Stick for Gentleman

Exclusive walking cane for men made with passion by the best craftsman in Ukraine! This luxury cane will be a great fashionable support for you while walking or a perfect gift for elderly and seniors who need it and love custom walking sticks for men


✔ This isn’t just a wooden walking stick; it’s also a work of art! Our fashionable walking canes for gentleman are unique because they are decorated with awesome handmade metal pommel with creator’s design. The pommel add vintage charm and transformed the sturdy lion head cane into a custom men’s fashion accessory!

✔ A metallic spindle that allows the wooden cane to endure up to 400 pounds of weight strengthens this elegant walking stick for men (please contact me if you need an even-stronger cane; I will be happy to accommodate you). The ergonomic shape of the handle is very sturdy and comfortable for everyday use.

✔ The walking cane is hand carved from natural oak wood. All our designer mens canes and walking sticks are finished with hypoallergenic high-quality Italian coatings.

✔ All our fancy walking sticks and canes for men have a rubber tip to protect the bottom part and soften your walk! Each wooden walking cane comes with free spare rubber tip!


✔ Walking cane can be manufactured to any length from 32″ to 39″ inches.

✔ How to determine proper handmade walking cane length: just put on your shoes and measure the distance from the floor to your wrist join (with your arm relaxed and slightly bent); you can measure your old cane as well.

✔ Our best walking canes for men consists of two parts: the handle and the shaft. The handle screws into a shaft with a metallic spindle (you can use our other handles with this shaft as well).

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