For many generations of men, leather jackets have been considered the ideal complement for men when it comes to casually dressing well, and this is still true today. Due to their incredible popularity, leather jackets have become essential in a man’s closest. They are the favorite type of jacket for the majority of men, thanks to the large variety and models available in the market for purchase. This article here at the Millennial Gentleman will provide you all that you need to know before buying a leather jacket as a man.

What is a Men’s Leather Jacket?

Leather Jackets are a type of dress jacket ideal for giving a touch of rebellious style that can fascinate people. As leather jackets are also functional pieces of clothing thanks to their warmth, leather jackets are perfect for cold climates. Men’s leather jackets are one of the garments that a man can never tire of wearing, and for that reason, they are one of the most essential and iconic of clothing pieces in a man’s wardrobe.

Each leather jacket style has a great history behind each of their appearances, generating many followers for many years of these iconic popular styles. The sheer variety of leather jacket models and designs makes each type unique. For this reason, some leather jackets have become the favorite fashion accessory of many celebrities, from Michael Jackson to bands like the Rolling Stones.

Leather Jacket Material Types

Are leather jackets made of different materials? Yes! Believe it or not, when purchasing it is necessary to pay attention to the range of materials from which a leather jacket is made from.

Among the main ones we have, the leather from cows and lambs, characterized by having a natural shine, helps regulate the temperature and have a unique resistance.

For those who are animal lovers but still want to show off a rough look, synthetic or PU leather for your jacket is an excellent option. Synthetic leather, also called PU leather, is a material that generally uses a mixture of polyurethane with rayon or viscose; it’s not made from animal skin. PU leather is also not very expensive compared to real leather, and PU leather is naturally water repellent, so it does not require as much care as a real leather jacket does.

As for the lining of the jacket, if you need a leather coat to withstand low temperatures, I recommend that you focus your attention on the inside of the jacket. Ideally, you want your leather jacket lined with a padded material capable of withstanding the cold.

Color Ranges for Men’s Leather Jackets

When it comes to leather jackets, the variety of colors available for purchasing can be endless; therefore, your choice should be based on your style needs.

Are you looking to project a “Bad boy” fashion style image? Biker and bomber jackets tend to give that impression.

Good safe colors for a leather jacket are staples such as shades like black, navy blue, wine, brown, olive green, gray, and even white. Yet most men play it safe and choose a black or brown leather jacket, as these two colors will match most clothing you wear.

If you are looking to project a more lively and irreverent urban style, you should choose colorful leather jackets. This means selecting a leather jacket with bright colors such as yellow, mustard, red, and you can even provide zippers in bright colors or patterned models. Michael Jackson was famously fond of motorcycle jackets with bright colors.

What Price Should You Pay for a Leather Jacket?

What price you pay for a leather jacket is a complicated and very subjective topic. Some people are willing to spend thousands of dollars for high-end leather jackets made by famous fashion designers, despite these leather jackets having no greater functional purpose than cheaper leather jackets do.

The main thing to look for in a leather jacket is that you choose a garment of genuine quality, so, even if it seems a bit expensive, you can take it home with the assurance that it will last you for years or decades.

That said, we encourage you not to be afraid because you can get cheap models, which have a value $50; these are jackets often made of imitation leather, in most cases.

If you want an intermediate price, you can opt for models of more than $200, for which you will get a beautiful model made of higher quality synthetic leather.

Now, among the most expensive models of leather jackets, you will find jackets up to $1,900 or more. These are luxury garments made of real first-class leather and produced in limited production runs by famous designers.

Measurements for Men’s Leather Jacket Fitting

Many leather jackets are produced to be worn by the different body shapes of the average man. However, some men have longer than average arms or are very tall with thin bodies, so men should consider this when purchasing an off-the-shelf leather jacket, especially when shopping online.

Generally, the size of leather jacket you purchase will depend on your height. If you are a short man, the most suitable model for you is a short length jacket. The tail of the jacket should fall only a little below the beltline. As for the sleeves, you must take care that they do not exceed the length of your thumb, or the coat will look too big on you.

If you are a very tall man, I recommend choosing a jacket whose tail is just above the beltline. The sleeves should fit just a little bit below the wrists; this way you will achieve clean and attractive lines while wearing a leather jacket.

Types of Leather Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jacket models are trendy; however, many designers have experimented with the classic design to give their line of motorcycle jackets an innovative style. Some leather motorcycle jacket models have dispensed with the belt, zippers, or other classic accessories of this style.

Motorcycle jackets are also known as moto jackets, sometimes also racer jackets.

However, the classic leather motorcycle jacket’s classic style still consists of a charming jacket made from premium leather, with a length that reaches the waist, complemented by a belt. In most cases, motorcycle jackets also have a thick, diagonal zipper and a powerful flared neck.

Leather Field Jackets

These jackets have a much more elegant appearance than the motorcycle style because they are more adjusted to body measurements, giving an accurate image of the dimensions of your arms’ muscles; The zipper of this model is located straight ahead, and its neck is banded.

Leather Aviator Jackets (Bomber Jackets)

Suppose you are looking for a jacket that, in addition to taking care of the cold, makes you look like a tough man and at the same time sexy. In that case, the military-style aviator model is the right leather jacket for you because it has a straight zipper on the face of the leather coat; however, it comes with elastics on the sides and wrists that give it a rather subtle fit.

Also called a Bomber Jacket, leather aviator jackets are coats with two side pockets and elastic at the cuffs and waist, with a round neck and front zip. The first leather bomber jackets were made with cowhide using a sheepskin lining; these days, many leather bomber jackets have been updated by designers to present a modern urban and elegant look. Leather bomber jackets can be combined with other clothing such as jeans for a casual, everyday wear look.

Leather Blazer Jackets

Blazer jackets are a model characterized by being very tight to the body, especially when made from leather. These jackets tend to be worn on informal occasions because they have a length capable of covering the hips; some come with a belt as an accessory to achieve a refined waist. These can come in short and long styles.


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