Are you a fan of the Kingsman movies and would like to emulate the British Kingsman style for your own wardrobe? Here at The Millennial Gentleman we are fans of this film franchise and the fashion sense of the characters. We decided to put together a guide on how a man can affordably dress like a Kingsman agent on a budget, without necessarily needing to spend thousands of dollars to do so. The posters for this movie are practically a guide to how you can always look good. This is The Millennial Gentleman guide to how to dress like a Kingsman.

The Kingsman films are like the new James Bond movies. All of the secret agents and spies in this film franchise are always well-dressed men. The two independent international espionage agencies, the British version called Kingsman and the American one known as Statesman, have a common goal to keep the world safe from terrorists. The plot of the first film follows the character of Eggsy, a young middle-class man recruited into the Kingsman spy organization.

Members of the Kingsman agency have a base of operations in a Savile Row bespoke tailoring suit shop, so it is no wonder that the agents display some of the most elegant English gentlemen wardrobe fashions. Kingsman agents know that their cover depends on their impeccable dress as they pretend to be employees at a men’s clothing store. That means wearing suits, shoes, shirts, ties and other accessories in the style of a quintessential British gentleman. The Kingsman movies validate and reaffirms the value of a classy English wardrobe for the contemporary gentleman, helping to revive an interest in modern men wearing these fashions again.

Kingsman agents dress very fashionably in double breasted business suits.
Kingsman agents dress very fashionably in double breasted business suits.

By contrast, the Statesman organization, the American counterpart, is camouflaged behind a Bourbon distillery in Kentucky. This organization’s agents and showcase a way of dressing that characterizes the Yankee style by displaying American cowboy boots with corduroy arrangements in style based on that of a Texan rancher, with boots, cowboy hats and large metal belt buckles. Yet this is not what most men searching for Kingsman fashion purchasing options are looking for. It is the British agents that most men want to dress like.

The other thing important to consider when trying to look like a Kingsman agent is that you must take care that your haircut is appropriate. Click here for advice on how to select a good haircut that will help you achieve the Kingsman look.

In this article we provide tips and advice for how to dress like a Kingsman agent by analyzing the style they used in the movies. We present the following particular recommendations so that you can dress similarly to a Kingsman agent.

Do You Want To Dress Like A Kingsman? How to Dress like a Kingsman on a Budget

The characters in the Kingsman movies dress in high-end clothing that can be very expensive. The officially licensed Kingsman collection suits can easily cost thousands of dollars, a price tag outside of many men’s reach. Yet many people would like to be able to dress like the Kingsman agents. So let’s discuss some secret tips to help you dress up like a Kingsman agent without going into debt.

Kingsman agents wear 1940s style double-breasted traditional cashmere coats, dark no-wash jeans, and broadly trimmed hats. To achieve a look that resembles the Kingsman gentlemen agents without breaking your bank account, the first thing you have to do is be aware of some general rules that will help you achieve this look on a lower budget.

  • Purchase off the rack suits from a good suit maker and then have them tailored suits, ties.
  • Wear good accessories, such as neckties and bowties, that are the same or which closely match the style of those from the movies.
  • Wear French cuff shirts and cuff links.
  • Your shoes should be from European or American bespoke shoemakers.
  • Your watch should also be from a good brand.

Keep in mind that the objective of this article is that you dress like a Kingsman. Buying the same brands that the characters use in the movies is something that will be out of reach of many men’s budgets, so this guide will suggest alternatives that are more affordable for most men.

What is the secret to looking like a Kingsman on an affordable budget?

If you want to look as good in a suit as these Kingsman movie characters without spending a lot of money, there is one primary secret that will help you do it, and that is to focus on the fit of the clothes you wear.

When clothing fits correctly, a suit, shirt and trouser pants can be made to appear to have a higher value, and you will appear more sophisticated as well. Many suits and shirts you purchase off the rack will need to be tailored so ordering something that is slightly large on you is acceptable, as a tailor can take it in.

Your double breasted business suit outfit should have the following characteristics:

  1. The color of the suit should be dark blue or oxford gray.
  2. Trousers pants should be flat, and without darts sewn into the pants.
  3. Your jacket should have two buttons and a cut back lapel, and a nipped waist to provide an athletic look.
  4. If you can purchase a suit in at least Super 120 wool, it will be perfect, but you can choose any wool.
  5. Your shirt should preferably be white, although they can also be pastel colors; naturally, these shirts should be French cuffs, too, as these are the best dress shirts for wearing cuff links with.
  6. The handkerchief you use as a pocket square should be white or shades of white and have a straight fold.
  7. Your socks should match your suit’s color. You should make sure they are high cut so that you do not show your ankle skin when you sit down or while crossing your legs.
  8. Both your shoes and belt should be black or brown.

A dark blue color will be the best option for going with your suits, although you can use other colors that match well, but you should not wear more than three colors. Your tie should also not be too colorful; in fact the fewer colors the tie has, the more elegant and similar to a Kingsman agent you will look.

You know, the key to wearing a suit the way Kingsman agents do is to trust your tailor to make it fit well to your body.

Affordable Kingsman Style Suits You Can Buy

The first thing you notice in the Kingsman agent outfits is the suits, generally adorned with a crossed lapel, with a spacious peak lapel as is done traditionally. The colors of these suits are basic yet timeless; they are navy blue or oxford gray with stripes and fabrics that reveal the garments’ quality with the naked eye, possibly Super 130s or 140s.

The Kingsman wear double-breasted business suits. These suits are typically worn for attending business events but are also ideal for attending other important events such as a dinner with your date at a fine dining restaurant. If you plan to make a marriage proposal, you should wear a suit and be looking your best. The double-breasted business suit is the favorite of many men for celebrations, becoming an all-terrain basic for all men types.

Again, this combination is classic and elegant, worn with a white French cuff shirts, a presidential folded handkerchief as a pocket square, and a unicolor tie.

If you dare, you can risk a little more by contrasting the colors, such as by wearing a maroon tie, or a pink shirt. But if you’re going for a faithful Kingsman look then stick with a white shirt.

If you’re looking for a Kingsman style tuxedo, this product from Giorgio Fiorelli is a very similar style of tuxedo as the one which Eggsy wears in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It is available in multiple colors. Once again it must be tailored to fit properly.

Kingsman Style Dress Shirts You Can Afford to Purchase

Turnbull & Asser is an English tailored shirt maker that has been involved in some of the most striking big-screen fashions of all time. From outfitting the super-spy James Bond to dressing up all the iconic characters from the Kingsman movie. Turnbull & Asser French cuff shirts, however, are very expensive. So we recommend instead purchasing these Aliment & Gentle French cuff shirts that are far more affordable.

When the shirt is used with a suit, it must always be accompanied by a tie and stylish cuff links. White is the preferred color for this fashion in shirts. However, you can also wear shirts with very soft and solid tones. 

Naturally French cuff shirts require you to use cuff links. Without purchasing cuff links you will look very silly wearing a French cuff style shirt.

Kingsman Style Dress Shoes You Can Afford

Remember, if you want to look like a Kingsman, good shoes are a must. That is why this fashion uses the previously mentioned ones. If your budget does not reach you, there are many similar models on the market and more adjusted to your pocket.

The Kingsman films use George Cleverley footwear for the agents’ shoes. This Bespoke shoemaker is a luxury high end shoemaker. However you don’t have to break the bank to get nice bespoke shoes and we will suggest some alternatives that are more affordable.

The style of shoes that go best for the Kingsman look are undoubtedly Oxford dress shoes. If you’d like to know more about what Oxford shoes are, please read our Guide to Oxford Shoes article.

We are also recommending Don’s Footwear bespoke shoes, which are more expensive than off the shelf shoes yet worth it for their unique features. I am a fan of Don’s Footwear models are available as elevator shoes with a midsole that adds a few extra inches to your height when worn. As I am a man on the shorter side of the scale I find that wearing elevator shoes and height increasing shoes helps me keep up with women that wear heels, which many of the women I date like to do. The bespoke shoes produced by Don’s Footwear are some of the highest class elevator shoes available on the market and the design allows a man to walk normally with no awkwardness as with many other kinds of “height increasing shoes”, which from other makers are designed more like a woman’s high heels than men’s shoes.

These shoes from Don’s workshop have a solid, flat sole with no arch and are designed to hide their platform in the design of the shoe itself. Most people will have no idea you are wearing elevator shoes with these on.

Keep in mind that your shoes must be the same color as your belt, and you should never forget to wear them clean and polished.

You will also need some dress socks to go with your shoes. You will look very silly if you wear tennis socks with expensive dress shoes. We recommend these affordable polyester dress socks.

Kingsman Style Neck Ties You Can Wear

An essential accessory for a suit in order for a man to look sharp and elegant, the neck tie is a key item capable of elevating or subtracting style from the best of suits. So if you want to look the best in your Kingsman style suit outfit then you need to wear a good tie.

As previously mentioned you don’t want a tie that is too complicated. It should be either a single color or a two striped tie. We recommend any of these ties from WeiShang silk necktie collection, as it is a very affordable starter neck tie set.

To complete the look you’ll also need to wear a tie clip with your neck tie. Tie clips look very fashionable but have the essential function of keeping your tie from flopping around when you walk. If you don’t want to look silly, we highly recommend that you make the investment into a good set of tie clips such as these we suggested from Jstyle.

Kingsman Style Bowties

The popularity of the Kingsman agent fashions from the movies has brought a resurgence of interest in the bow tie as a common part of the modern man’s wardrobe. This accessory has returned in new models, materials, and more attractive patterns for all ages. Bow ties should ideally be worn with tuxedos but technically can be worn with a business suit, too.

Kingsman Style Pocket Square Handkerchiefs

Wearing a handkerchiefs folded in the presidential style in your left jacket pocket gives you that neat, integrated Kingsman agent style look. While white is the default color that will match any neck tie you wear, other colors can also match depending on the neck tie color you are wearing.

Silk and cotton pocket squares are ideal. These accessories elevate the elegance of a man’s suit, ensuring you dress like a Kingsman.

Kingsman Style Wrist Watches

Remember, the most important thing is that you dress like a Kingsman and look elegant. This means that you need a wrist watch to complete the look. There are many high end luxury watch brands that offer models of dresses that can accompany your suit or new look very well without affecting your pocket but if you want to splurge on something, the time piece is the thing to do it on. Cheaper wrist watches tend to be poor at keeping the time and are therefore not as good of an investment to make.

Bell & Ross is one the watchmaker brand used by the Kingsman movie characters. The vintage style of watch is the best to go with for this classic Kingsman look.

If you are looking for a more modern style of watch that can connect to your phone via an app, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 watch is an excellent choice.

Alternatively, you can wear a silver or golden bracelet on your left arm. As watches have fallen out of fashion due to smartphones replacing the function of wristwatches, many men have started wearing luxury bracelets on their left wrist instead of a wristwatch. Here are some affordable pieces that will suit any wardrobe.

Kingsman Style Mackintosh Raincoat

In Britain a raincoat is still sometimes called a Mackintosh or a Mac, a nickname from the first manufacturer of rain coats. The Kingsman style is a woolen double breasted long coat similar to this model we recommend from JINIDU. This one can come large so you will need to have it altered by a tailor at the same time you have your suit jacket, trousers and shirt altered.

Kingsman Style Briefcases, Umbrellas and Walking Canes

The Kingman agents use traditional menswear accessories such as briefcases, walking sticks and umbrellas. In this section we’ll recommend a few affordable options for these accessories that will hold up to daily usage but won’t leave you broke.

Traditional men’s business briefcases are generally made of leather and give those who carry them an executive touch, which also serves to store everyday things that they can use, such as documents. Some models are even large enough to allow you to carry a laptop. This Tassia model leather briefcase should fit your needs.

Umbrellas are also a common fashion accessory but also serve a practical function of helping a man stay dry when he must walk in the rain. It is also increasingly common to see men walking with umbrellas down the street on a bright summer day; this is not because they are crazy but because the ultraviolet rays are getting more harmful every year.

If you are looking for an umbrella that can be used as a weapon like the Kingsman do, then you want to get an Unbreakable Umbrella which is designed to be a functional umbrella that can also be used as a self defense weapon. This umbrella is made from high quality fiberglass and is very durable. This is the style of umbrella that I personally use, and even if you never use it as a weapon you’ll have an umbrella that does not easily break.

If you’re looking for a high quality walking stick to complete the look, we recommend these bespoke high quality canes.

In Summary

It can be summed up that “Kingsman” fashion represents a traditional-elegant style that conforms to traditional gentleman etiquette and fashion sensibilities. This timeless style from the movies should serve as a source of inspiration for men who want to build a wardrobe that will always be trendy and considered respectable. We hope this guide has been useful to you.


Carey Martell is Editor in Chief for The Millennial Gentleman. A thirty something modern man who is politically independent, non-religious but a firm believer in ideals of chivalry and traditional family values. Carey lives his life as a vagabond digital nomad traveling and living life to the fullest while managing his businesses remotely with a laptop and internet hotspot connection.